Pull 2.0 Plugin

/pull is a very simple plugin that adds the command /pull to your game! 

Tested versions: Minecraft 1.12

I created this plugin because whenever I played Minecraft after a long time of playing Growtopia, I caught myself using the non-existent /pull command. I decided it was time to add the command to my own server so I actually could use it, aswell as share it with whoever wants it. All messages are exactly the same as in Growtopia. The plugin works just as well as if you would type /tp <player> <you> with the plugin Essentials installed, it’s just a lot faster. The plugin was originally posted on spigotmc.org but I decided to post it here aswell.

/pull <player>
Teleports the player to you.

Gives you access to the /pull command

You can modify the config by switching
broadc_message: true
broadc_message: false
This will turn off the broadcast that will be sent when a player is pulled.
<player1> pulls <player2>

Message if you try to pull in consol.
Message if you don’t have the permission.
Message if you forget to type the player name.
Message if the person you are trying to pull isn’t online.
Broadcast that will be sent if broadc_message = true
Message to the person who got pulled.

Download: Pull 2.0 Plugin

Spigot Page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pull.50558/