My Programs Information

Welcome to the page where I tell you information about my development as a programmer.

I started by making games using Scratch when I was really young.

My first “real game” (a game that’s playable and somewhat fun) was GrowClicker. GrowClicker was made in Visual Studio using Visual Basic. That’s not really the best program to make games but that is how i started. At this point in time I had already tried programming in many different languages such as C++ & Javascript. I had just created my first ever plugin for Minecraft aswell (should have been around Dec 10, 2017). I think GrowClicker got released around Feb 28, 2018. I had been trying HTML and other types of programming before but I didn’t manage to create something.

I later got interested in making my website better and started ti get interested in HTML & Javascript. I started learning and created Movie Watcher around Sep 26, 2018. Movie Watcher is not a game but a tool that was designed to help you watch YouTube videos in school without the teacher noticing. It moves the video sideways forcing you to follow it with your eyes making it look like you are reading. It also comes with a “Emergency” button that opens up Google Classroom or a pre-set link.

About a month later (somewhere around Oct 15, 2018) I started working on a game that was going to be fully playable both on your phone and PC (using to flashplayer). I was going to create a game in pure HTML & Javascript all by myself. What I created was a game that I decided to call Cube Stop. The game has only one button and that button stops the cube. Simple. The best possible score is 1.