Deck: Winged Dragon of Draw

Information: This deck was created when I finally got my 3 copies of “Ra’s Disciple”. The thought behind the deck is just to draw as many cards as possible to be able to summon “The Winged Dragon of Ra” as quick as possible. Also note that I didn’t have all of the cards that I wanted to have when I created this deck, for example I would have wanted more Double Summons and I would probably have replaced a few cards.

Card List:
1x The Winged Dragon of Ra
3x Ra’s Disciple
3x Worm Hope
1x Humanoid Slime
1x Double Summon
1x Reload
1x Backup Squad
2x Cup of Ace
1x Mirror Wall
1x Legacy of Yata-Garasu
2x The Golden Apples
1x Solemn Wishes
1x Jar of Avarice
1x Damage Vaccine Ω MAX

Skill: Power of the Tributed (Yami Marik)

Grade: 4/10

Cost: 3/5

The Deck is pretty bad and I do not recommend you to use it.