A simple texture pack that just makes Minecraft more Minecraft-realistic you know, Craftlistic. If a sword is crafted with diamonds why can’t i notice it when I’m holding it in my hand? That’s the question that this pack answers. The whole pack is based on the defualt 16×16 texure but with a few modifications.

The pixels in the swords are made by the representive block. The Diamond Sword is made out of tiny Diamond Blocks, the Gold Sword is made out of tiny Gold Blocks and so on.

The same thing goes for the axes and all of the other tools.

The Bow and the Arrows are one of my favorite parts of the pack. The bow is made of wood and you can see the flint in the arrows.

The Enchantment Table is the only block changed in the pack. I changed the book to look more like the book that you use to craft it.

Additional Information

Not all tool textures are done in version 1.4. Only Diamond, Wood and all the Swords and Axes. In the first versions a clear GUI were used, it was removed in version 1.4.


Craftlistic V1.0

Craftlistic V1.1

Craftlistic V1.2

Craftlistic V1.3

Craftlistic V1.4